Salesperson Performance


Monitor Salesperson Performance

Provide a visual dashboard to the sales managers that allow them to track their sales team performance. Includes most important key metrics like sales, outstanding, month-to-month growth rate, and customer-wise performance.

How to Monitor Team Performance

As a sales manager, it’s your job to monitor and guides your team. But that’s only possible if you know how well they’re performing. TallyGraphs Salesperson Dashboard helps you to see how well your sales team is performing, the amount of revenue generated. Use this dashboard to focus on the right activities and motivate your team.

Sales Trend month to month

A detailed graph shows month-wise performance for all salespersons.

Sales Person Performance Sales Trend

Top Performers

Shows top salesperson based on the sales amount for the entire year.

Customer Analysis

The Customer Overview report contains more than a dozen of ways to analyze customer trends. It shows all customers and their total sales by month wise.

Sales Person Performance Customer Analysis

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