Tally ERP Business Intelligence solution to grow the business


In this modern and fast moving world, people like things to be simple and easy, because of this nowadays e-commerce sites are very famous, people are not ready to go shopping in this congested traffic and waiting for parking and billing.

The same is true for business tools and solution, mainly for BI and analytical solution. If the solution is ‘out of the way’ or hard to use, if it isn’t integrated with enterprise apps, if it doesn’t bring critical information into a one-stop shop environment, then business user don’t want to use the solution, no matter how powerful it may be and how much time and money they have invested to implement the solution.

The game changer is ease-of-access and ease-of-use. The idea is to make it easier for the business user to analyze data and take a quick and confident decision, and complete the tasks they have to accomplish by the end of the workday. A business user needs an integrated, embedded BI tool that will support out of the box; accessible from anywhere and any device, and has sophisticated tools, but is easy to access and use.

When the business user considers a business intelligence solution, they want to analyze by self and on-demand reports and without any dependency. Self-service analytical solution environment will encourage user adoption and make it easy for users to bring data together from enterprise systems.

There is another advantage in adopting the integration and embedded approach to analytical tools; the Business user will find it easier to maintain and manage the solution and to plan for future needs and growth without spending a lot of time and money trying to ‘make it work’.

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