Top 5 Pain Points in Manufacturing Industry Solved by Tally


Manufacturing involves the movement of many goods including raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods. In the manufacturing industry, TallyGraphs helps you to track inventory, compare inventory data with sales data, product performance, and crucial KPIs, as well as make better business decisions.

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Challenges of the Manufacturing Industry

Although Tally has Inventory modules for the manufacturing process, it is difficult to track the reports on product-wise or ledger-wise. Keeping a track of goods manually is a very complicated task in a manufacturing business. Some of the challenges faced:

Inventory management

Stock is continuously moving and has to keep a track of how many raw materials, semi-finished goods, and finished goods are available in different godowns.

Cash Flow management

Cash flow monitoring is very crucial for manufacturers in taking important decisions depending on the payables and receivables.

Multiple storage locations

Handling multiple locations for stock items is always difficult for the sales team and department heads.

Lack of product report

Monitoring the sales performance for all products against a customer and location

We have customized Apps, especially for Manufacturers to simplify and streamline their business data in a visual format.

Inventory Dashboard

TallyGraphs’ Inventory Dashboard shows inward and outward stock, as well as reports based on Item Quantity and Value.

Product Analyze

Allows you to compare your inventory data for a product with sales data such as items sold per month, cost of goods, and revenue.

Inventory Reports

The inventory reports will give you an idea of the movement of inventories and the ones, which are highly profitable and those that are not.

Godowns Summary

With the help of inventory reports using TallyGrpahs, Industries can ensure how much stock they should keep in different Godowns or locations.

Stocks by Group

Tally used to group the stocks by product-wise. It helps to ensure, which products are highly sold out in a short period of time.

Stock Summary

Using TallyGraphs, Sales managers can examine the stock summary group-wise and also know the value and availability.

Product Performance

Consolidated Reports gives a complete overview of the company, it ensures the reports of the sales, product, customer, and all other invoice details for multiple companies

Also, it helps the sales managers to ensure that reports are generated based on certain date ranges.

Track product-wise sales performance

Use the below metrics and create a customized report as per your business needs

  • Actual quantity
  • Billed quantity
  • Cost centre
  • Customer
  • Customer group
  • Godown name
  • Invoice
  • Product
  • Product group
  • Product amount
  • Sales type
  • Salesperson
  • State

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