Sales Dashboards from Tally to mobile for the C-Level users on the go

C-Level user wants to know what’s going on across the organization that will help them to develop strategy and improve business success. However, it will be hard to consolidate all the report and send to C-Level user on-time. So C-Level users need Business Intelligence wherever they are, whenever they need it – from the boardroom to the hotel lobby.

Tally reporting

Dashboards go mobile

C-Level users are more responsible for their company, employees and shareholders. Their strategic decisions will have enormous impact on long term success, these decisions should be taken based on the latest company data. So BI should be available in an instant, at the tap of a touch screen.

1. Impress clients and shareholders

Facts and figures won’t convince the clients and shareholders. But if we can show currently where we are and previously where we have then it will impress the clients and boost shareholders confidence. Also they are no longer depend on memory or ugly spreadsheets – interactive charts and statistics displays on their mobile will help them to take confident decisions.

2. On the road

When prospects are visiting your office, it’s easy to ask someone in your accounts department team to whip up the latest business facts and figures. However, when you’re travelling, you might need to create your own last minute reports using the latest company stats. Tallygraphs connects with your company data sources via the cloud so you can instantaneously access company data wherever you are.

3. Time = money

C-Level users may depend on other colleagues to provide the statistics and analysis they needed. Using Tallygraphs they can access that data directly, saving time and money. Got a gut feeling your sales team is underperforming? Worried you’re understaffed in certain outlets? Not convinced you have the right resources to take the next step yet? Tallygraphs empower you to make decisions faster, without having to wait until someone else compiles the figures.

BI on the go

The most successful leaders combine knowledge of their company and market with the most cutting edge statistics and technology. Tallygraphs will help you spot trends, discover new opportunities while on the move and improve your company.

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