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Let’s Get Started in 4 Steps


Register your details and create your personalized TallyGraphs account.


Download and Install Tally connector in your Tally running machine and sync data


Quick tour on how to use TallyGraphs based on your business needs/goals

Start using

Dedicated time for discussion/questions around TallyGraphs and complete setup


Pre-Installation Check Lists

Do you have Tally.ERP 9 or TallyPrime running on your desktop/server?

Install TallyGraphs desktop application on the Tally running desktop/server on your side.

Remember your userid, password to connect with Tally?

TallyGraphs Desktop Application require your Tally access, which you will provide during settings.

Do you have work email with access?

To create personalised TallyGraphs account, we need to verify and activate your account through email.

Do you have a firewall, anti-virus running?

To extract Tally ERP data securely, we need to setup TallyGraphs to have authorized access.

Do you have a high speed Internet Connection?

We recommend minimum 10 mbps internet speed to synchronize the Tally data daily/realtime.

Are you using Tally with single or multiple companies in single or multiple locations?

Don't worry, TallyGraphs setup will choose one company, location at a time to process and you will have full control at all times.