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Compare TallyGraphs vs Biz Analyst

TallyGraphs and Biz Analyst are both analytics tools that can help you access your Tally data in real-time on your mobile device. However, TallyGraphs can access through the web portal and gives users full control over their data and reports access.

If you want to add features like Salesperson, Cost Centre, Regional Sales, and so on, then you may use TallyGraphs instead of Biz Analyst, which helps you to get customized dashboards/reports for your business needs.

FeaturesTallyGraphsBiz Analyst
Free Plan7 days trial
Integration with Tally
Mobile App
Access on Web browser & MobileMobile-only
Multiple companies
Custom Reports
Pre-built business dashboards
Data Encryption
Consolidated View
Exporting optionsLimited
PricingStarts at ₹1188
per year per user
Starts at ₹2100
per year per user

Feature comparison

When choosing an Analytics tool, you need to ensure it not only shows your data with ease but also empowers your organization’s head/CEO/Owners to make better decisions by using business KPI, Pre-build Business Dashboards and Custom reports. See how TallyGraphs and Biz Analyst compare head-on-head when it comes to the most critical features.

Sales and Purchase

Biz Analyst shows the basic reports and graphs with drill down and filters options. However, we found some core features for business owners and CEO such as Sales overview, Receivable and Payable summary caller ID lacking from the app. TallyGraphs CEO Dashboard helps every CEO to track their business data in a single view.

It can also assist you to obtain customized dashboards/reports for your business requirements.

Features TallyGraphs Biz Analyst
Sales Management
Sales Register
Invoice list
Product Performace
Sales Comparison
Trending Customers/Products
Receivable Management
Filter by Overdue days
Reminder with Badge
Outstanding Summary
Purchase Management
Purchase Register
Purchase Order Book
Purchase Analyze
Payable Management
Filter by Overdue days
Reminder with Badge
Payable Summary

Accounting and Financial statements

The core feature of Tally is generating Accounting and Financial statements. Biz Analyst offers a minimal set of reports and that doesn’t clear for non-accounting persons like CEO and Business owners.

TallyGraphs understand this challenge and built a Spreadsheet like an interface with visual graphs for all reports such as Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow Summary, and Ratio Analysis.

FeaturesTallyGraphsBiz Analyst
Outstanding Dashboard
Statement of Accounts
CFO Dashboard (Cash-in & Out)
Expense Dashboard
Profit & Loss Dashboard
Accounting Dashboard

Customization & Custom Add-ons

TallyGraphs offers analytics reports and dashboards that enable you to monitor your sales process. It has a list of pre-built templates you can use to get a bird’s eye view of your organization.

You can also customize reports according to the modules you want to include, add filters, choose from various chart types, and share them with your organization with role-based access.

Biz Analyst lacks many analytical components that TallyGraphs offers. There is limited ability to drill down to fine-tune your data.

FeaturesTallyGraphsBiz Analyst
Regional Sales
Customer Performance
Product Performance
Salesperson Performace
Sales Analyze
Purchase Analyze
Consolidated Reports

Don’t end up paying higher costs for lesser features

Get the complete TallyGraphs vs Biz Analyst comparison guide to find out more. For a detailed comparison document, mail us at support@tallygraphs.com

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