Sales Dashboard


Tally Sales Dashboard on your Mobile and Web

Sales Dashboard helps to monitor Tally.ERP 9 or TallyPrime data in graphical representation. Quick and ready access to essential data gives you the ability to always make important marketing decisions with reliable data.

What challenges for Business owners?

  • Want to track sales performance in real-time
  • How to track sales daily, monthly and compare with last month
  • Which products are most selling?
  • Which products are more revenue generated?
  • Who all are top customers?
  • Want analysis of fast-moving and non-moving products


1. Trending Product and Customer

To view the amount of the overall sales, trending product, and top customer for our company and it will also display the current month sales amount, trending product, and top customer.

2. Month wise Sales

View month-wise sales performance and monitor the sales on all months during the financial year.


3. Day-wise Sales

View the day-wise sales performance for the current month. It also compares the current month and last month’s sales day by day.


4. Product Performance

Comparing the product performance for the current month and last month based on billed quantity.

5. Top Products

Analysis of the top-selling products for billed quantity-wise and amount-wise.

6. Top Customers

Identify the customers that are more like bought your product and service regularly.

How can a Business Owner benefit?

  • Know trending Products and Customers
  • Monitor and compare sales by daily, monthly
  • Analysis of all Products performance
  • Get Top Products and Customers list
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