CFO Dashboard to Monitor Your Cash Flow

TallyGraphs Monitor

CFO Dashboard to Monitor Your Cash Flow

Smart CFO’s need to know all about the cash flow statements over the specified time periods. TallyGraphs CFO Dashboard provides insights on critical financial metrics in an easy visual format from your Tally data.


Cash flows analysis

TallyGraphs Cash flows analysis tells you how much cash went into and out of a company during a specific time frame such as a month. CFO’s need this analysis because it sounds very similar to the income statement, which shows how much revenue came in and how many expenses went out.

Growth Metrics

The top of the CFO dashboard reflects your company’s growth against your sales, purchase, expenses,  which means that you can always cash flow in & out.

Month wise Cash Flow

  • Compare month-wise cash inflows and outflows
  • Cash inflow is mainly based on the receipt transactions and direct or indirect incomes
  • Cash outflow is mainly based on the payment transactions and direct or indirect expenses
  • Verify cash flow statement in Tally Cash flow menu

Analysis of Top Customers

Identify who are the customers that are more likely bought your products/services regularly.

Analysis of Top Products

Analysis of your product performance against total sales value & quantity.