Version 8.3.5 (Debtor & Creditor Analyze)


1. Debtor analyze

Create customized Debtor reports on Party ledgers, Product, Cost Centre, Company, etc. You can compare the data of two or more companies. more details

2. Creditor analyze

Create customized Creditor reports on Vendor, Product, Cost Centre, Company, etc. More details

3. Option to choose Currency Symbol

Select the symbol of currency (suffixed to amounts) which will we display as $, £,¥, etc., (US dollar/Pounds, Yen, etc.,)

4. Thousands separators

Thousands separators make it easier to read long numbers. Generally, we keep this to two numbers based on the India format. You can choose these to three numbers for other countries.

5. Month-wise Stock Summary

Shows month-wise inward and outward details along with the closing balance of the selected stock item. more details

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