Version 8.3.3 (Bills Receivables)

Bills Receivables

Bills Receivables

Additional Growth cards are added at the top of the page and highlight age-wise receivable details.

A period filter was added to drill down the report in the detailed view.

Impacts of the bills are highlighted in 3 levels based on the bill overdue date.

  • Low – overdue between 0 to 10 days;
  • Medium – overdue between 11 to 30 days;
  • High – overdue above 30 days

Profit & Loss Analysis

Two more fields (Monthly Share(%) & Variation between the previous month) were added to the Profit & Loss report. Now we can identify the list of items that can make more impact compared to the previous month.

Switch option enabled to view the reports by Group-wise or Detailed.

Other updates

Add: Bills Payables Dashboard

Update: Option to export summary of Ledger details in Statement of Accounts

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