Version 8.3.2 (Bills Receivable)

Bills Receivables

1. Four insights in Bills Receivable

Additional four insights (Total Pending Amount, Total Overdue, Due soon, Total Loss of Revenue) are added to Bills Receivable reports.

2. Export option in Statement of Accounts

Export Ledger wise transactions in excel and PDF format

3. Display total Invoice count in sales dashboard

4. Product Groups field added in Product analyze

Getting product-based reports are complex for a large number of product companies. Grouping the products will help to track the performance of each products.

5. Mobile App support in Android 7.1.1 OS

TallyGraphs Android Mobile App now supports an additional 4500+ mobiles running on Android 7.1.1 OS.

Other Updates

Update: Add “All” filter option in CEO, Sales Dashboard date filter
Fix: Issues in month filter if no data available in P&L Dashboard

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