Version 7.12 (Desktop Access with ACL)

TallyGraphs desktop app
  • Add: Multiple users access control in Desktop
  • Add: Desktop edition & Connector aligned with single exe file
  • Tweak: Removed IIS dependency to access reports in desktop browser
  • Tweak: Auto sync options (quick sync/Complete sync) enabled
  • Tweak: Periodic auto sync option added (every 1 hours OR 3 hours OR custom time)
  • Fix: Auto sync issue for multiple companies

Smart Sync and admin privileges

  1. To Add or Edit company in TallyGraphs just click Add/Edit .
  2. Automate data sync in particular time, enable the Auto Sync On and set sync time.
  3. Go to Advance Settings and select which are the vouchers are you want to sync.
  4. Select date period/range of to load data from your Tally
  5. Run Complete Sync when you update Tally entries older than current month.
  6. Access TallyGraphs in your desktop browser
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