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Desktop Application for Tally ERP 9 & Tally Prime

Install TallyGraphs desktop application in your Tally ERP 9 or Tally Prime running desktop/server

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How to Setup Desktop Application

Setup Instructions

tallygraphs connector step 1

Step 1: Enter your License Key


Get your License key from TallyGraphs accounts page

tallygraphs connector step 2

Step 2: Tally Configuration


Select the company that you want to sync


Data Location : Local
Your Tally data will be in your Desktop/Server and you can access TallyGraphs in your browser


Step 3: Smart Sync and admin privileges


  1. Automate data sync
  2. Select data sync periods
  3. Add additional reports
  4. Quick sync & Complete sync
  5. Access TallyGraphs in browser
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Pre-Installation Check


Do you have TeamViewer/AnyDesk software ready?

To install TallyGraphs, we need to connect to your Tally machine remotely. Please download AnyDesk or TeamViewer software.


Do you have Tally.ERP 9 or TallyPrime running on your desktop/server?

TallyGraphs Desktop Application must be installed on the desktop/server in which Tally is running currently on your side.


Is Tally running on a desktop/server with good configurations?

We recommend minimum of 4gb RAM for 64 bit desktop/server and 2gb RAM for 32 bit desktop/server.


Do you have a high speed Internet Connection?

We recommend minimum 54 kbps internet speed to synchronize the Tally ERP data to TallyGraphs daily/realtime.


Do you have a firewall, anti-virus running?

To extract Tally ERP data securely, we need to setup TallyGraphs to have authorized access.


Remember your userid, password to connect with Tally?

TallyGraphs Desktop Application require your Tally access, which you will provide during settings.


Are you using Tally.ERP 9 or TallyPrime with single or multiple companies in single or multiple locations?

Don’t worry, TallyGraphs setup will choose one company, location at a time to process and you will have full control at all times.

For installation support, call +91 98407 91005 or email