Top 10 Dashboards for Tally ERP to
Make Smarter Decision Faster

Transform your Tally data as interactive
BI dashboards for CEOs & Business Owners

Don't Miss your data
but Fish your data

Bring data from multiple years and locations

Use pre-built/create custom reports, dashboards, analytics and avoid using ad-hoc excel spreadsheets for your MIS

Know your business better

Visually analyze your Tally ERP data to view your business health across all departments real time


Know your Sales Performance

Bring your most recent sales specific data into
easily understandable visual graphics.
Total Sales
Sales by Region

Know your sales on multiple locations or regions

Total Receipt
Cost Centre Performance

Track cost centres and monitor its costs or expenses allocated more or less.

Total Purchase
Customer Analyze

Analyze your customers and track how your products are performing and creating revenue.

Total Payment
Sales Team’s Performance

Enable sales team and track their sales performance daily and stay on top of high-level sales.

Invoice Performance

Automatically track Invoice and get paid faster
for your Goods/Service
Customer’s performance

Know your customer’s performance at various levels like
on-time paid, late paid, overdue, and not due

Stay informed on Overdue

Know your invoices which are not get paid to prevent delay in payments

Invoice performance jpeg
Invoice Performance
Product performance jpeg
Active Inactive Product

Product Performance

Rank your product based on revenue to inform your sales team which products are selling well.
  • Sales trend month to month
  • Active Products
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Active Customers

Finance Dashboards

Highlight the profitability of each active products/services to understand the income statement from revenue to net profit.
  • Profit & Loss
  • Statement of Accounts
  • Budget Report
  • Expenses Analyze