Tally Graphs Starter kit

Tally Graphs Starter Kit

The Tally Graphs Starter Kit will teach you how to prepare and analyze your Tally data faster than using tools like Excel; guide you through how to generate report based on situation; and show you how it will visualize your Tally data and help you to explore and understand your business.

Download the Tally Graphs Starter Kit that suit your needs, learn and understand how it will be useful for your business.

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Table of contents

  • Hardware and Software requirement
  • Evaluate and ROI
  • How to buy
  • Support and contact
  • Features
  • Tally Graphs Connector
  • Installation
  • Training

Sample from the starter kit

Prepare Yourself

  • Check whether you have hardware, and necessary dependent software, space etc.,
  • domain name, IP address, mobile app (android version etc.,)

Evaluate & ROI

  • Evaluate see if this problem exists for you which Tally Graphs is solving
  • Cross check whether Tally Graphs gives you the ROI

How to buy

  • How to purchase, what is the best option and how to start small and grow

Support & Contact

  • Get help from Tally Graphs Help Portal
  • Posting support tickets to our system and getting inputs

Features of TG

  • What is in Tally Graphs and how it helps your business