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TallyGraphs analytical solution for Tally ERP

TallyGraphs provides consolidated data views, dashboards, KPI and ad-hoc reports for sales, purchase, production, stores and finance functions.


Turn Your Tally Data Into Visual Insights

Light Tally Connector, 10 different dashboards, 50 defined KPI’s, Self-service capabilities, Proactive Alerts, Android App and Secured access.


20 Key critical metrics you should track Tally ERP 9 on a daily basis to grow your profit

Tallygraphs is a solution for CXO to see Tally ERP data visually. With Tallygraphs, you can get visual stories for all you business process data



Why CEO’s need to care about reports in tally?

Tally ERP reporting is most required data for a CEO. They cannot keep on track on their company’s inventory, purchase...

How reports in tally can Improve your business?

TallyGraphs generates your company Tally data in dashboard format which you can view in your mobile or via web browser.

How to turn Tally GST data Into insightful dashboard

Check your Tally GST data instantly on your mobile or web in different type of dashboard format.

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