Tallygraphs Analytics

Use Tallygraphs for effective and quick decision making with your Tally data


Enterprise View

  •  Single Shot Entire Enterprise Landscape
  •  Indicators on Department Summary, Hikes or Fluctuations
  •  Instant info for immediate know-abouts
  •  Sales, Purchase, Accounts & Payrolls
  •  Monthly trends & breakups on departmental performances
Enterprise View

KPI Tracker

  •   50+ Mission Critical Indicators
  •  Single view of Inter Departmental Progress
  •  Compare & Act upon Target Vs Actuals
  •  Auto alert notifications on exceptional business situations
  •  Instant performance tracking with trend icons
KPI Tracker

Sales Analysis

  •  Check out frequently bought SKUs
  •  Know your best buyers over time
  •  Monthly trends for buying patterns
  •  Toggle revenue results by Financial / Calendar year cycles
  •  Contextual representations of business data
  •  Get closer to data with geo-map / calendar charts
Sales Analysis

Sales Product Analysis

  •  What most of your customers searched for?
  •  Volume-Value sales ratio comparison
  •  Pitch report for fast/slow moving SKUs
  •  Plan profitable promotions via product-specific indicators
  •  Monthly trends on SKUs' performance
Sales Product Analysis

Customer Aging

  •  Track salesmen field performance
  •  Check long term O/S receivables & loss of interest
  •  Know slow payees, Customer payment patterns
  •  Strategize credit collection targets
Customer Aging Analysis


  •  Goods in-flow analysis
  •  Periodical analysis on purchase trends
  •  Purchase Vs Return Ratio
  •  Vendor Comparison & Blacklisting
  •  Ability to track Product In-flow Vs Sell-out
Purchase Analysis

Vendor Aging

  •  Vendor-wise payables listing
  •  Long term outstanding payables as payment buckets
  •  Drill down from Summary to finest purchase detail
  •  Purchase Value Vs Payment Ratio
  •  Year-on-Year & Month-on-Month purchase pattern compare
Vendor Aging Analysis


  •  Check material in-flow vs out-flow
  •  Daily closing stock by SKUs
  •  Track-ability of retrospective closing inventory
  •  Scheduled inventory summary to your inbox
Inventory Analysis


  •  Drive profit margins with managed expenditures
  •  Compare expenditures thresholds by plan Vs actuals
  •  Get notified on high/low expense periods
  •  Top / Least 10 expenses & their historical trends
  •  Indirect expenses for fiscal year calendar
Expenses Analysis


  •  Enterprise disciplinary visibility
  •  Staff leave pattern by gender/location, etc
  •  Frequent & unnoticed absentees list
  •  Annual/Quarterly/Monthly attendance results
Attendance Analysis


  •  Payroll summary Vs Head count
  •  Track payroll analysis by departments
  •  Average payroll per employee
  •  Payroll spending pattern by enterprise skill levels
  •  Compare payroll trends over historical periods
Payroll Analysis


  •  Pixel perfect operational reports
  •  Automated report bursting to users
  •  Pre-defined department specific reports list
  •  Covers Sales, Inventory, Purchases, Attendances
  •  Reports for accounts Payables/Receivables

User Management

  •  Add/Remove/Modify user accounts & privileges
  •  Content specific user account definitions
  •  Enterprise hierarchy oriented user management
  •  Day / Device specific access setup

Access Control Management

Your data should be in secured and all your users shouldn't access all the data.

  •  Give access what,when and from where they can access
  •  Can revoke access from any user any time
  •  Can give access for the specific period alone