TallyGraphs features

Select KPIs

  • Tallygraphs have pre-defined KPI library for different business process
  • KPI library have different measurable KPIs like number or amount or %
  • User can select their required KPIs from the library
  • System automatically map the required data to selected KPIs
  • Activate or deactivate the selected KPI anytime
  • Based on the Business change and need, KPI can be removed or added
Select KPI

Set Target

  • User can set Target for all the selected active KPIs
  • Enterprise wide target can be set
  • Different types of target like fixed or variable amount
  • Change the target anytime based on your business growth

Set Exception

  • Set exception for any selected active KPI and get notification whenever the exception raised
  • Exception rules can be set using different logical operators like less than, greater than, not equal , equal etc
  • Turn on/off the existing exceptions anytime

KPI Watcher

  • Watch business progress in KPI Watcher
  • Single page view to track progress of different business process
  • Get notified whether target achieved or not
  • Get notified whenever the exception raised
  • Different periods analyze will help to understand goal can be achieved or need to change
  • KPI detail view will help to understand how you reach the current position

Enterprise View

  • Single Shot Entire Enterprise Landscape
  • Indicators on Department Summary, Hikes or Fluctuations
  • Instant info for immediate know-about
  • Monthly trends & breakups on departmental performances
  • Toggle results by Financial / Calendar year cycles
Enterprise Overview

Sales Analysis

  • Checkout trending SKU
  • Know your best buyers over time
  • Periodical trend of sales patterns
  • Get closer to data with geo-map / calendar charts
  • Compare current period sales with historical period
  • Find the source of sales shortfall and correct the issue before it becomes a critical factor

Sales Product Analysis

  • Pitch report for fast/slow moving SKUs
  • Plan profitable promotions via product-specific indicators
  • Latest statistical information of fast/slow moving SKUs
Sales Product Analysis

Customer Aging Analysis

  • Understand customer paying pattern
  • Understand aging bucket and change credit policy
  • Strategize credit collection targets
  • Check long term O/S receivables & loss of interest

Purchase Analysis

  • Periodical analysis on purchase trends
  • Purchase Vs Return trend
  • Periodical PO Vs Delivery trends
  • Periodical Purchase return trends
Purchase Analysis

Vendor Aging Analysis

  • Understand settlement pattern
  • Understand aging bucket and optimize the payment term
  • drill down and analyze different bucket attributes

Inventory Analysis

  • Check material in-flow Vs out-flow
  • Periodical Inventory trends
  • Track-ability of retrospective closing inventory
Inventory Analysis

Expenses Analysis

  • Periodical spending trends
  • Most/least expensive items
  • Reduce your OPEX
Expenses Analysis

Attendance Analysis

  • Enterprise disciplinary visibility
  • Staff leave pattern by gender/location, etc
  • Periodical leave trends
Attendance Analysis

Payroll Analysis

  • Payroll summary Vs Head count
  • Track payroll analysis by departments
  • Compare payroll trends over historical periods
  • Payroll spending pattern by enterprise skill levels
Payroll Analysis