Tally Graphs Faq

Why should I use Tally Graphs?

Tally Graphs gives you quick, easy-to-understand snapshot summaries of your Tally data allowing you to take quick decision from anywhere and any device

I want to use Tally Graphs, how do I access it?

Tally Graphs available in on-premise and on-cloud version, So register your company with us and download tallygraphs, install tallygraphs and start access your data from any device

I don’t know anything about business intelligence, how can I understand Tally Graphs?

You no need to spend your valuable time to learn tally graphs. It’s easy for anyone so you just login and start navigation, you can understand quickly. If you want training we will give one day training and also we have dedicated support team so you can get support from our support team by 24 x 7

Can I customize the materials already in the Tally database?

In many cases, yes. Many of the entries in the Tally database let you customize both ingredients and quantities (e.g., concrete mix design and percentage of rebar). In addition to providing tables for common gauges, sections, and application rates, Tally also lets you manually define most quantities. You cannot add your own LCA data, however.

I want to understand my stock position when I’m in client site, Is that possible to get the latest stock position?

Yes, you can access the data from anywhere and any device. So you can connect tally graphs from your mobile or laptop or iPad or your client system and get the stock report quickly

My clients are different locations and there may be no internet facility and no signal. In this case how can I access my data?

Tally Graphs android native application will support off-line access. So you can access Tally Graphs even in zero internet zones

My collection agent will go to customer place and collect due amount. In this case is he/she can access the tallygraphs and get the latest outstanding amount of the particular customer?

Yes he/she can access the necessary data from anywhere, you just give the access to him/her to when and from where he/she can access

Do we need internet connection to access Tally Graphs?

a) On-Premise: If you want to access data within your premise then you just need local network setup, but if you want to access data from outside then you have to set static IP in your office system and need internet connection in your office and the device from which your accessing the data

b) On-cloud: You should have internet connection in office whenever you upload data and should have internet connection in the device in which your accessing data, but you no need internet for 24hrs

What is the hardware requirement for Tally Graphs?

Tally Graphs is light weight application and built using open source. So commodity hardware enough for Tally Graphs. You can install Tally Graphs in the same system where you have installed Tally or even in separate system. Basic required hardware

  • 4 GB RAM
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2.94GHz
  • HDD 250GB (its depends on your volume of your data)
  • OS - Win 7 or more (32 or 64bit)
  • Network setup (to access from different device)
  • Currently I’m using excel sheet to compare the data of different period and take decision, but its time consuming and complex. So how Tally Graphs will help me to overcome this problem?

    Tally Graphs have features like filter, drill down, top to bottom and bottom to top analysis. So these features will help you to get the correct data and understand quickly

    How drill down help me to analyze my data?

    Using drill down you can get the detail view from the summarized view. Assume your analyzing different period sales in Tally Graphs dashboard, there is up and down in your sales, so you want to know why this period sales up and why another period sales down. It may be because different factors (like too many invoices are cancelled or goods are returned). So to know which factor affects the sales for that period, click on the particular period sales and get the factor (like sales return and invoice status) which affect sales

    How top-to-bottom help me to analyze my data?

    Assume your annual sales are up and down. You want to know when the sales down and up during the year. In this case you can get the quarterly sales from the year sales and monthly sales from the quarter sales like that. You can navigate from top-to-bottom like Yearly Sales -> Quarterly Sales -> Monthly Sales -> Daily Sales.In this way of analysis will help you to understand which period affects your sales. It’s not only for periodical analysis, It will suit for product performance analysis (Category -> Brand -> Product), team performance analysis (Manager - > Team lead -> Team member) etc

    How can I connect my tally data to Tally Graphs android native application?

    You can download mobile app from our site and install the same. Once you install then register with Tally Graphs system URL and user credentials. Once you register then you can start access your tally data from Tally Graphs mobile app

    Can I maintain historical data in Tally Graphs?

    Yes, Tally Graphs don’t have any restriction in volume of data; you can maintain historical and current data. It will be helpful to do comparative analysis and different period performance analysis etc.

    My analysis are depends on the situation so its pre-defined reports won’t suit for my analysis. In this case, how Tally Graphs will help me?

    Tally Graphs will support interactive report, using this create a quick report that answers an immediate business question, looks professional, and provides significant control over formatting elements such as fonts, column width or sorting, background colors, and more.

    I want to give my outstanding report access to my collection agent but he/she shouldn’t access sales report. Is that possible in Tally Graphs?

    Yes you can give access to your employee or business partner and define what, when and where they can access. Eg. Outstanding report can be accessed by collection agent on the month end only. In this case you define collection agent as your Tally Graphs user and give outstanding analysis report/dashboard to him/her and set which device he/she can use and what time he/she can access. You can revoke this access anytime or once the specified time over then system won’t allow them to access