Tallygraphs provides off-the-shelf, ready to use BI templates and connectors for Tally® – one of the most popular accounting and ERP systems for SMEs. Tally has a customer base of nearly one million. Tally ERP data integrates to harness the value of BI tools and transform their business with deep dive analytics and improve corporate performance management.

Tallygraphs will help many SMEs to achieve success in diverse industries.Tallygraphs will help to manage internal MIS and customer performance reporting with superior, scalable architecture.

SMEs customers can leverage ready to use Dashboards, cube, reporting and KPIwithin a day. This gives unbeatable ROI and TCO for their BI investments.
Customers can consolidate and analyze information from Tally ERP and disparate data sources across dozens of locations and companies and include sales, inventory, production management, finance and purchasing. The device independence and mobility of our solution makes it attractive to employees and managers inside and outside the walls of the enterprise.

In today’s competitive markets and industries, SMEs face critical challenges to stay on budget and on target and Tallygraphs offer a mobile, scalable platform for growth at an affordable cost.